Local Chefs Want to Handle Food Without Gloves

ASHLAND, Ore. — A new measure impacting restaurants state-wide has been delayed after it initially would have taken affect this week.

The rule was postponed to give Oregon chefs a chance to plea their case for why bare hands are better than latex gloves. The rule would require all cooks to wear gloves while preparing food and change gloves after handling raw meat.

Critics of the rule say it will just create more waste and that wearing gloves does little to prevent the spread of bacteria…as long as you wash your hands properly.

“As a professional, it’s important to touch the food so you know what it is that you’re handling,” Smithfield’s Sous Chef Noah Edwards said.
The owner of Smithfield’s in Ashland said that his resturant recieved a perfect score on their last health inspection and will comply with the rule when it takes affect.