Local Charter Schools Renewed

MEDFORD, Ore. — Two charter schools in the area are being renewed after a near-unanimous vote of approval by the Medford School Board. The vote Monday extended the charter of Logos school for three years, and Madrone Trail School by five years.

The two schools have combined to add roughly 900 students to the district’s total enrollment. Dr. Phil long, Superintendent of Medford Public Schools, says the decision to extend their charters is good for the district.

They’ve reconnected people to our public schools and they’ve added to our enrollment as a district. They’ve brought resources to our region because of that, because funding follows the kids. And that has been one of the stabilizing things in our community, for our district in particular,” Superintendent Dr. Phil Long.

Long also says that the vote is a good sign of the schools’ performance, as charter schools typically face a good deal of scrutiny.