Local Catholics React to New Pope

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The new pope is the first non-European cardinal to lead the church in more than a thousand years. The new Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio who will be called Francis, will replace Pope Benedict XVI.

As hundreds of thousands of people celebrate across the world, teachers and students at Saint Mary’s School joined them.

The religion teacher plan to incorporate the new pope into their lesson plans. One teacher, Laura Anderson, plans to set up a research project for her students on Pope Francis. She’s hoping to show students this event isn’t just a historic moment for Catholics, but for students who are not catholic as well.

“So for them, it’s kinda of, they’re living during history and that’s something that you don’t often get to do, and know that you’re doing at the time,” Anderson explained.

At Saint Mary’s School every student is required to take a religion class. Most students will be doing some sort of project or lesson on Pope Francis.