Local Businesses Prep For Cycle Oregon

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PROSPECT, Ore. — The 25th Edition of “Cycle Oregon” is underway and the hundreds of bicyclists taking part are due in Ashland on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the riders toured Crater Lake and rolled into Prospect to spend the night.

As Cycle Oregon riders begin to cross the finish line in Prospect, local businesses are hoping to cash in. The town of Prospect has less than a thousand residents, but Tuesday night, the town’s population will more than double.

Cycle Oregon is calling Prospect home for the third night of the annual tour of Oregon. Prospect Pizza is anticipating big businesses while the riders are in town. The family-run business has all hands on deck and even opened a few hours earlier than usual anticipating more traffic through the door. Cycle Oregon riders joked that with as many miles as they ride during the event, they don’t feel guilty stopping for pizza, hamburgers and beer while in town.

On Tuesday, the riders left Fort Klamath and rode around the rim of Crater Lake before crossing the day’s finish line in Prospect. Over the 25 years of Cycle Oregon, the event has stayed in more than 100 different communities. Cycle Oregon’s next stop will be Wednesday evening in Ashland.