Local Businesses Network At Event

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MEDFORD, Ore. — It’s International Networking Week! That means local business owners are trying to improve their companies through networking.

Members of Business Networking International, or BNI, work year round to network. On Tuesday morning, the some 40 members of one of BNI’s Medford chapters gathered for their weekly networking meeting. BNI’s local director says testimonials and personal referrals are important for long term success.

“Developing relationships is the new currency. If you are going to ask for a financial planner, you don’t want just anybody you’re going to pull out of the phone book, you’re going to go to someone you can trust for a referral,” explained BNI Area Director Lisa McClease-Kelly.

There is an application process to join the local BNI chapters. The application fee is $100. If you are accepted, there is an annual fee of $365. BNI members suggest, if you can’t join the chapter, to start networking by reaching out to your chamber of commerce.