Local Business Owner Scammed by E-mail

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Scammers are taking advantage of availability of information in the 21st century to make their scams look even more realistic.

A local business owner has learned the lesson first hand. Fast-Turn owner, Kim Tilton says it all started when she got an e-mail claiming to be from Yahoo, asking her to verify her account.

The day after she did, an e-mail went out to her contacts telling them she was stuck out of the country and in need of money. This phony e-mail also included details, including Tilton’s name, business name and the address of her business, but police say you should not be swayed by that type of information.

“Just a regular search of a business, they look through obituaries, through social media, anything that can connect the dots for the scanners, they’ll use,” said Medford Police Detective Kirk Cromwell.

Police say the e-mail sent from Tilton’s account had the classic signs of a scam including misspellings, poor grammar and it’s asking for money.