Local Brewery Beer Coming in Cans

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MEDFORD, Ore. — For the first time in company history, Southern Oregon Brewing Company is canning its beers.

Southern Oregon Brewing Company founder, Tom Hammond, says 640 cases of its India pale ale, and Czech pilsner style of beer will be distributed across Oregon. The company hired Northwest Canning to do the job.

“We’re really excited to be working with Southern Oregon. They’re the second brewery in this region to be canning and the first ones to be doing 16 oz cans,” said Justin Brandt, owner of Northwest Canning.

SOB is switching to cans for the first time ever because of a shift in the craft beer industry.

“We saw the trend and decided to move in that direction. The stigma of buying good beer in a can is going away. People want to have more options,” said Hammond.

“It’s relatively a new trend. Cans kind of have a stigma for big brewers using them and they used to impart a flavor to the beer but now there’s a liner in it so the beer neverĀ  touches the can. They’re more environmentally friendly. Easier to recycle,” said Brandt.

Customers will be drinking beer made with ingredients right out of Oregon when opening an SOB beer can.

“We have most of our hops here from the Pacific Northwest, and our yeast was originally cultured just up off of the Columbia river,” said Hammond.

It’s a beer and new packaging the company hopes other states will enjoy too.

“We’re expanding into new markets all the time. You can find our beer as far north as Seattle, and we’ll be moving into Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Northern California hopefully here by the end of the year,” said Hammond.

The canned beers will be available in stores in about two weeks. But if you want to get one sooner than that, SOB company will have some readily available at its location on 1922 United Way in Medford.