Local Brewery Ages Beer

Caldera BarrelsASHLAND, Ore. — A local brewery is brewing some southern charm into the Rogue Valley.

Caldera Brewery in Ashland is aging its beer in old bourbon barrels from Kentucky and Tennessee. The idea came after other craft beers started using the technique a few years ago. The bourbon barrels aged brew consists of stout or porter beers. The beers are poured into the barrel, where the age for three months. After that, the beer is put into stainless steel brew tanks and then into kegs.

“Bourbon has that nice sweetness to it, so that comes through in the beer, and then again… it┬áreally smooths out the edges and makes it a sweet, smooth, almost a dessert like taste,” said Adam Benson with Caldera Brewery.

The dark alcoholic drink is typically a winter beer, but the brewing process for the winter has already started. Caldera said the beer is expensive and timely to make. They only sell it on tap at the brew house.