Local Brewer Hopes for Zoning Change

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Wednesday night a decision at a meeting with the Grants Pass planning commission brought one local business one step closer to expanding into a tap room.

The growlers are ready to go and the brewing is on going, but the dream of opening a store front in downtown Grants Pass is still on hold for Greiss Family Brews. The business began about 4 years ago out of the family kitchen, now because of their license with O.L.C.C, they are considered an “adult business” within the city and may not open within 1,000 feet of things such as parks and libraries.

Greiss Family Brews is hoping the city will change some of the zoning to allow their business to grow.

“We want to be downtown because that’s the place to be. You’re going to have more tourists, more walk bys, you’re going to have more people and it would generate some buzz downtown, I believe it would be good for the city of Grants Pass,” said president of Greiss Family Brews, David Griess

A potential move is still in the early stages and would eventually have to be voted on by city council before a tap room could open.