Former NMHS Basketball Player Collapses

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A former high school basketball player who lit up the score boards at North Medford High School is recovering at the hospital after he collapsed on the court.

Danny Berger now plays for Utah State University. On Tuesday, he collapsed on the court during practice. It was quick action and a defibrillator that doctors say saved his life. Danny was life-flighted to a hospital where his father, Brian Berger, is watching over his son.

“He remembers a little bit. He doesn’t know how he fell down. He doesn’t remember if he got hit or not. He can talk and he can respond to talking and he can move his arms,” said Berger.

Doctors believe he suffered a heart attack but questions still remain. They say Danny had no known pre-existing heart problems.

“I’ve heard that happen in programs and, you know, just weird situations, where all of a sudden someone who looks totally fit all of a sudden goes down. So, it’s just, you never know. It’s just shocking and you definitely pray for the family and Danny. I hope he’ll heal,” said former coach Scott Plankerton.

“They have found nothing wrong. There’s no brain damage, and no damage to the heart and no heart defects apparently. Except for this, they’re looking for something electrical in the heart,” said Berger.

Former high school coaches who worked with Danny remember his tenacity on the court.

“When it came to competing, there’s a lion that came out. He went from being a shy guy to a pretty aggressive basketball player. And in order to be as good as Danny has become, you have to be like that on the basketball court,” said athletic director, Tim Sam.

They hope that determination will see him through his recovery. Berger says his son will undergo more tests on Thursday.