Local 9-11 Firefighter Remembers

SEIAD VALLEY, Calif. – One of the first responders after the World Trade Center buildings collapsed, 11years ago, was a former New York firefighter now living in Northern California.

Ralph Geidel lost his brother in the attack. Two years ago, he told NewsWatch12 that this day is a day he will never forget.

“It’s with me a lot. It’s always with me. Sometimes I wish it was a dream and I could wake up early that day and warn everybody. It’s just…it’s something I know that’s never going to go away,” Ralph Geidel said.

This morning, Geidel attended a remembrance ceremony at the Seiad Valley Fire Station. Newswatch12 will have more on that ceremony and other events happening throughout the Rogue Valley honoring September 11th, starting tonight at 5 p.m.