New Pope Has Been Elected

(CNN) — It took five ballots to choose the next spiritual leader of the Catholic church: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina is now Pope Francis. Pope Francis is the first South American pope.

The announcement was made Wednesday on the balcony of Saint Peter’s Basilica. 115 cardinals made the decision after the 5th round of voting on the second day of the conclave.

White smoke poured from the chimney atop the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, indicating that Roman Catholic cardinals have elected a successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

They needed more than two-thirds of the vote to approve Pope Benedict XVI’s successor. The burning of the ballots that produced the white smoke meant that the pope had already accepted his new role.

This is believed to be the fifth time smoke has risen from the chimney since the conclave began. There hasn’t had a fifth ballot pope in over a hundred years.

Thousands of faithful are already celebrating in St. Peter’s Square and thousands more headed there.