Live Stream Coverage of Zimmerman Trial

George Zimmerman on Trial for Trayvon Martin Death: Live Stream Coverage from ABC News


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  1. wendie says:

    It doesn.t matter how Trayvon described Zimmerman, he was behaving like a creepy white guy, a wannabe red neck, trying to get what he thought was a gangsta! He didn’t listen to the authorities and went ahead with his own plan of capturing this kid so he would be a hero to his neighbors. What a sorry sad life he must have been living. BUT, a child is dead, and he killed him!


    1. cornholio says:

      No he described him as a “creepy ass cracker ” the only racist statement of the trial

  2. Elaine Vazquez says:

    Zimmerman was in his vehicle, out of any harms way armed,police told him they were on the way stay in your vehicle. He was SAFE. He CHOOSE to get out of vehicle and take matters into his own hands,,an unarmed kid died, how was he a threat to Zimmerman who was armed???Just love the Stand You Ground Law here in Fl its just legal murder IMO. He ddi not obey police instructions I dont even see how this law applies here at all…..

  3. Dwight Lilly says:

    It is truly amazing how misinformed the public is and how few make comments when what they say was contracted by facts and prior testimony.

    According to the woman with the police department, in sworn testimony, George Zimmerman did exactly as instructed. He notice a stranger dressed in dark clothes walking through the gate community. He followed long enough to note that the behavior was suspicious. He dialed 9-11 and relayed what he saw.

    As far as the police telling him something? No police officer told him anything, a 9-11 operator, who we learn has no authority telling him anything, asked him to back off. Zimmerman backed off and was then confronted by Martin. The physical evidence supports Zimmerman’s statement that he was stricken to the ground and had his head bashed against the concrete. This led to Zimmerman drawing the gun he legally was allowed to carry, and defending his life as the SYG allows.

  4. Alex NJ says:

    From the testimony of his “girlfriend” we now see that Martin profiled Zimmerman. Are we just going to disregard the “cracker” comment? the media kept playing the 911 call where Zimmerman supposedly profiled the kid, calling him black, but media conveniently omits the part that he was asked by the operator to describe the race of the individual.
    I think the core of the case here: is who provoked the fight? and it seems that Martin having a chance to go home (when Zimmerman lost him), didn’t and came back to confront Zimmerman. From the recently released pictures from Martin’s phone, we see that he was just the type of a person to initiate the fight. He had pictures of guns, weed. From one of Martin’s tweets (which were taken down really quickly) we can see a conversation where he talks about hitting a bus driver, just because…. His 1 week school suspension was not just for “being in an unauthorized area” as per his parents explanation , but also burglary tools, jewelry & pot residue were found in his bag. You can also tell from Martin’s social media communications that he was apparently dealing weed. And for God’s sake the 12 year old picture that media keeps showing is not an accurate representation of Trayvon. He was much older, bigger and not an angel by any means. I don’t deny that racism exists in this country, but we should stop injecting it in places where it doesn’t belong. it only divides us further.

  5. Wake up and smell the coffee says:

    First of all, when did Neighborhood WATCH become Neighborhood Take the Law into Your Own Hands? During George’s Watch training he was told to observe and call police, not to pursue. He was told again on the 911 call not to pursue to which he replied “OK”, then he proceeded to pursue anyway. What is suspicious about walking in a neighborhood? Trayvon was not climbing into someone’s window. Both of the people involved had less than spotless records. Neither of the 2 were aware of these histories at the time. George apparently didn’t think of himself as a “soft” helpless, defenseless, blob when he had an altercation with an ATF agent or when he had issues with his girlfriend(restraining order anyone?). As far a marijuana is concerned, this drug usually causes people to become more passive and mellow, not aggressive, unless Trayvon had a paradoxical reaction to the drug. Why is Dennis Root allowed to testify about his “perspective” on the event, when he was not there? Yesterday another so-called witness wanted to present his “home movie” about what he thought happened and was denied by the judge. Same strategy, different method. None of this tragedy would have occurred if Zimmerman had done what he was instructed to do instead of acting like the cop wannabe that he is. I doubt Trayvon would have had the same responses with the police and would still be alive unless the police were on the same powertrip as George Zimmerman that night.

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