Live Fire Training in White City

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WHITE CITY, Ore. — Southern Oregon fire agencies are combining training efforts to make firefighting more streamlined.

The live fire training is for the new firefighters joining Fire District 3 and Medford Fire. In the past, crews say they ran two academy’s at once for each fire department, but now they’re combining the academies.

The combination works in favor for the firefighters and homeowner’s, because all of the firefighters are being trained with the same techniques. When both agencies respond to a fire, they’re able to work more efficiently to put it out quickly. In addition, firefighters say the training together helps build camaraderie.

“We’ve gone to school together in the process of getting hired. We’ve tested against each other and a lot of other training as we developed our careers. So, those relationships are there and this helps to keep them there and growing,” said Andrew Burns, Fire District No. 3 Firefighter.

Firefighters say the combined training is also cost-effective.

The training these last couple of days are for firefighters who are finishing up their academy. There are four new firefighters with Fire District 3, and six for Medford Fire.