Lithia Nissan Hiring Event

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MEDFORD, Ore. —  Lithia Motors is kicking off a hiring event Thursday evening, looking to fill a new store that will be double the size of its current store.

The construction is currently taking place off of Highway 62 on Grumman Drive, and according to Lithia Nissan, this new facility is going to generate $20 million back into the local economy.

Economic expert Ron Fox with SOREDI said new jobs is a good sign of a growing and improving economy. This means more people with more jobs, willing to spend their money locally.  According to the Oregon Employment Department, Jackson County has about 8,500 people who have expressed they are currently looking for work.

“What it is doing is adding additional employment opportunities to those people who are either unemployed in their area or under employed and looking for a position with greater opportunities and greater rewards,” said Fox.

Oregon’s Unemployment rate is hovering around nine percent right now.  The Lithia Nissan hiring event is taking place Thursday from 3 -7p.m. at its current location on Central Avenue.