Lightning Threat Back For Monday

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Smoke once again left a yellow-tinged veil across southern Oregon and northern California Sunday afternoon.  Several fires continue to burn in the area, and winds aloft have transported smoke throughout the region.  Air quality is still being affected, and in Klamath Falls, readings were in the “unhealthy” category Sunday evening.  All of this, in addition to the threat for more thunderstorms on Monday.

The smoke in place this weekend has been moving into southern Oregon from mainly Siskiyou County.  Winds are blowing from the south and southeast in the lower to mid-levels of the atmosphere, at about 10,000 feet.  These winds are transporting smoke from the wildfires in Siskiyou County into southern Oregon.  There have been reports of ash falling in the Rogue Valley, but the haze and smoke extends even further north.  Temperatures have been suppressed slightly because of the smoke.  The same goes for thunderstorm activity.  Daytime heating is a significant component of thunderstorm development, and with the smoke in place, temperatures aren’t climbing as high as expected.

That means that the smoke will play a role in thunderstorm development on Monday.  Regardless, a fire weather warning goes into effect at 11 AM Monday and continues until 2 AM Tuesday morning.  The warned area includes a large section of northern California and southern Oregon.  The thunderstorm threat is back Tuesday as well, but it looks like the second half of the week will be much less active.

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Chief Meteorologist Kate McKenna