Lightning Strikes Tree in Medford Neighborhood

By Evan Bell & Steven Sandberg

MEDFORD, Ore. — A lightning bolt decimates a tree in a Medford neighborhood, sending debris flying onto cars and lawns, on rooftops, and through windows. No one was hurt in the aftermath of the lightning strike on Shafer Lane.

Medford firefighters say a bolt of lightning hit a 100-foot tall Redwood and caused the tree to explode. Neighbors and firefighters spent much of the evening trying to dig out of the debris, branches and tree limbs.

Several neighbors had broken windows and roofs from the debris. One man found chunks of tree inside his kitchen. Other neighbors’ cars were buried in tree limbs.

Firefighters say people were safe because they stayed inside during the lightning strike. Cleanup is expected to continue Tuesday morning. There is no estimate on the amount of damage.