Lightning Strikes Medford Neighborhood

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MEDFORD, Ore. –  Neighbors in a Medford cul-de-sac are still shaken after lightning hit a tree, sparking a fire at the end of their street.

Monday’s thunderstorms generated at least 80 lightning strikes in Jackson County. Neighbors on Sandberg Ct. said they felt the normal rumbles of thunder after work Monday at around 5 o’clock. But when the lightning struck the tree a half an hour later, it was a completely different feeling.

“Suddenly, we feel something terrible. Like this big explosion, and I saw you know the lightning, and we felt everything shaking inside our house. It was terrible, it was scary” a neighbor named “Lucy” said.

Neighbors also said after the fire started they saw more lightning near the homes, but they did not see smoke following any other flashes. Medford Fire Department responded quickly to put the fire out. The homeowner said the house had some damage from the fire, but no one was hurt in the incident.