Lightning Strikes Eagle Point House

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EAGLE POINT,Ore. — Lightning strikes a house in Eagle Point damaging a roof, walls, and electrical wiring.

“It was a big pop sound — that was it —  it was like a big pop,” said resident Tiffani Donald.

The lightning went through the roof and touched down just inches away from her bed.

“At first I thought it was a big fire because I smelled that sulfur — so my first thing was a rolled over and grabbed my dog and I was kind of waking up at that point, and I was like that smells like sulfur it can’t be a fire,” said Donald.

She said she did not see any fire, but there was a lot of smoke.  According to Donald, the smoke alarm went off, and the fire department was called.   A neighbor was jolted awake by the loud bang of the lightning hitting the home.

Megan Bailey lives next door.  She said she was able to feel the energy from the lightning strike.

“It like came up through my feel like I felt it — not like I was being electrocuted, but like in an energy feeling just that ran up through my body and made the hair on my neck and my arms stand,” said Bailey.

Bailey said she knew something was wrong, and went to check on her neighbors, who had all escaped safely.

“I feel pretty lucky, but then again, everything is replaceable — everything that mattered is okay,” said Donald.