Lightning Strike-Caused Fires Pop Up

MEDFORD, Ore. — Lighting storms have passed, but the aftermath of that thunderstorm activity ignited several fires across Southern Oregon and California. It’s a multi-agency effort in parts of Southern Oregon and California right now; fire crews are getting a handle on several fires that popped up over the weekend.

In the Klamath National Forest, there are now 9 reported fires; one, called the Dillon Fire, has burned more than 300 acres and is now 85% contained. There are also reports of 16 fires in Lake County and on Monday morning, three fires were in Southern Oregon.

U.S. Forest Service crews are out near Applegate Lake, getting a handle on two fires. Crews are also out near the Red Buttes wilderness area. All of those fires are at least one acre in size or less. A spokesman says the goal is to get all of those fires contained by end of the night.

The Oregon Department of Forestry is also out near the Applegate Lake with its helicopter. A dozen lightning strikes were also recorded in southeast Josephine County on Sunday, but there were no reported fires.