Lifeline Target of Phone Scam

MEDFORD, Ore. — Customers of the medical alert service, Lifeline, are being targeted in a nationwide phone scam.

Subscribers report that a male caller has been reaching out multiple times requesting financial information. Lifeline is an emergency response system for elderly or disabled patients to reach help if they fall or get hurt.

Local lifeline spokespeople say they would never request financial information via phone. They also say the vulnerability of their patients makes this a concern.

“We have not heard of a scam like this. It’s disturbing certainly because this population is already vulnerable,” said Katie Adkison, with Lifeline Home Care.

Lifeline representatives say to hang up immediately if you receive one of these calls. They say they are available over the phone to assist if you think you have been targeted. They also say they have no reports of financial information stolen at this point.