Letters Center Around Salvage Harvesting

10-29 rob webMEDFORD, Ore. — Drafted last week and sent out on Monday a letter from the Jackson County Commissioners was sent to fourteen people including Senator Ron Wyden and he deputy director of the Bureau of Land Management in Washington D.C.

The letter highlights the damage to both the environment and tourism industry caused by this year’s fire season and urges for change in policy in land management.

The commissioners said they fully support all forest restoration actions including the immediate salvage of harvesting timber from the land impacted by the recent wildfires.

The letter states that these efforts are time sensitive and any delay could harm both the environment and the economy.

Although very little land was damaged by the wildfires in Jackson County, Commissioner Don Skundrick said salvage harvesting of timber is in the best interest of all in southern Oregon.

“We’re going to support our fellow counties, but also we’re supporting those businesses that are creating and maintaining jobs for people here in Jackson County,” said Skundrick.

The letter also states that the commissioners are in favor of the distribution of the revenue from any salvage harvest on O & C lands.