Controlled Burning Could Begin

MEDFORD, Ore. – The chance of rain this weekend could mean a chance for seeing smoke in the skies. If the rainfall is significant, the Oregon Department of Forestry or ODF can allow some controlled burning projects to begin only the projects in higher elevations.

ODF officials consider a lot of factors before giving the go-ahead to large burning projects. The biggest concern is weather, wind in particular. Officials will stop burning if there’s any sign of wind pushing the smoke into the valley.

“We also try to limit the number of burns we have going at one time, so we don’t put such a tremendous volume of smoke in the sky that we get a lot or particulate matter that could drift into the populated areas,” explained Oregon Department of Forestry Spokesman, Brian Ballou.

ODF officials say burning of any kind in the basins or backyards is still prohibited until the fire danger level has significantly dropped.