Leaders Question Red Lion Purchase Price

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MEDFORD, Ore. — City officials have pumped the breaks on a move that would add more parking spaces in downtown Medford. Some city officials are concerned about why the group the city is hoping to buy the piece of land from is not disclosing the price they are buying it for.

DHD,LLC is buying the entire Red Lion lot, then reselling about three acres of the land to the city of Medford for about $11 per square foot. The next step in the process would be for a public hearing to take place, however at Thursday afternoon’s Medford Urban Renewal Agency meeting, some members were concerned why DHD is not disclosing their purchasing price.

As a result, a motion was made to hold a meeting to find out their purchasing price. The motion passed 6 to 2 and the opponents said that they think $11 per square foot is a reasonable price and questioning whether DHD could have unintended side effects and ruin the whole deal.

Those who voted to take a closer look say they just want to make sure they’re getting a fair deal.

“It is a tremendous project and opportunity for this community,” says Vice Chair of the MURA board Chris Corcoran. “DHD are tremendous partners; on the surface, everything looks good, all I want is proof.”

Those who voted both for and against taking a closer look, agree that DHD has been a good partner to work with in the past. There was no date set for a meeting regarding this, however it could be held as early as Monday due to the holiday next week.

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