Lawmakers Talk Landlord Liberties

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Lawmakers in Salem are looking into a slew of proposals that would impact local landlords and renters.

Part of the bill would give landlords more liberties and another part of it would take some away. If passed and turned into a law, landlords could not turn away a tenant because of specific violations on a background check, like traffic offenses or sidewalk violations.

Tenants could be turned away, however, if they’ve been convicted of drug crimes, sex crimes, assault or financial crimes. The owner of Quality Property Management in Medford, Bob Rood, already follows this rule of thumb.

Another bill up for debate in the capitol would allow landlords to require its tenants to buy renters insurance, something also already in Quality Property Management’s current policy.

“We were ahead of the law, and I knew that eventually the law would catch up, and I believe that this law that is working its way through is a result of the thing that basically we started,” said Rood.

Each company currently has its own policy. If this bill passed, it would just clarify and make the option more widely known to Oregon owners and tenants.

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  1. Beth says:

    Lets all thank Mr. Rood for “starting” more hoops to jump through for renters. Now that the market sucks and more people have to rent since they can’t afford to own, lets add yet another cost to shoulder. Why exactly does the owner/property management care if MY property is protected?

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