Lawmakers React To Drug Bust

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APPLEGATE, Ore. – Local lawmakers are reacting to the DEA’s bust of one of the biggest medical marijuana grows in Oregon and one they’ve visited before.

NewsWatch 12 was along when Peter Buckley, Sal Esquival, Alan Bates and Dennis Richardson toured High Hopes Farm in the Applegate Valley almost a year ago.

NewsWatch12 spoke with a couple of those lawmakers about their own high hopes for the medical marijuana community. Both Buckley and Esquival agreed that, while there are issues with illegal growing, the most important thing moving forward is to fix state laws regarding marijuana use and regulation.


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  1. Carol Dickson says:

    The medical marijuana laws are the biggest example of lousy legislation that wasn’t thought through — it is full of loop holes with no teeth for enforcement. The law is a joke and has become nothing but a cover for illegal drug activity….

  2. Gary says:

    You put into gear all the Oregon laws you want but untill the Feds accept legal pot, these raisa will NEVER stop. You all in the media shold know that.

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