Lawmaker Proposes Prescription to Smoke

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PORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon lawmaker wants to make it illegal to smoke cigarettes without a prescription.

Portland-area Democrat, Mitch Greenlick, is behind a bill to make nicotine a Schedule III Controlled Substance, meaning smokers would need a prescription to legally use nicotine.

If caught without a prescription, users could face up to a year in prison and a more than $6,000 fine. Representative Greenlick says the bill is extremely unpopular among his colleagues and will likely not pass.

“I think the function of this bill is to have a conversation, to fix the problem. It may make other solutions seem more modest,” Representative Greenlick said.

The Democrat is also pitching several other pieces of legislation, including a dollar tax for a pack of cigarettes, as well as a bill to increase resources in primary care and anti-smoking campaigns.