Law Enforcement Warn of Holiday Scams

scam 2MEDFORD, Ore. — For many, the holidays are all about giving, but for some, they can be about taking. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is offering some warnings for the most common scams it sees during the holiday season.

One is called the “green dot scam”, although depending on your location, the color of “the dot” can change. Victims get a telephone call, demanding money to avoid arrest. The victim is told to send the money by purchasing a “green dot” card at a store.

Once the card is established, the scammer gets those numbers and takes off with the money. A recent victim lost nearly a thousand dollars.

“Ask for proof. It’s not uncommon for banks to hear that from people so that if your bank is calling for you tell them you’d like to know, ‘How do I know it’s you? What can you prove to me?’ So it’s not normal for someone to call and start asking personal information,” said Andrea Carlson with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Also, for online shopping, look out for “dummy sites” that appear identical to your favorite store sites. You can detect a dummy if you don’t see customer service numbers, if the website address is different from the site’s posted name, or if it has poor grammar or spelling.

Credit cards are widely believed to be safer than debit cards against fraudulent purchase online. If you are shopping with plastic in a store – make sure you swipe your own card or watch the clerk as they swipe your card to make sure it’s not swiped in a secondary machine.