Law Enforcement Honor Fallen Officers

5-13 rob police memorialGRANTS PASS, Ore. — Tuesday, all three law enforcement agencies in Josephine County came together to remember those who have lost their life while serving their community.

Oregon State Police, Grants Pass Police and the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office honored the six county officers who have died since the county was formed. Interim Chief Landis said more than twenty thousand officer have lost their life in the United States since 1791 and every year about one hundred and sixty are killed every year.

Interim Chief Landis said no matter what agency, there is a connection for all law enforcement officers.

“If think we’re all connected to law enforcement in some way, shape, or form. Those men and women that we hire in our communities to protect us from harm’s way and go out and police our communities. Whether we know them personally or not, there is a connection there,” said Landis.

The most recent officer who lost their life in Josephine County was deputy Tom Rice in 2002.