Law Enforcement Discuss Amber Alerts

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Law enforcement are encouraging anyone who may have information during an amber alert to call in and leave a tip. Amber Alerts have been going out across Southern Oregon over a missing California teenager.

Reports in Lakeview surfaced of a possible sighting of the suspect’s car. Drivers going north and south along interstate 5 may have seen the Amber Alert on electronic signs while others may have seen the message on their phone or broadcast on the television or radio.

Law enforcement encourage anyone who may have seen the vehicle described to call in and leave a tip with as many details as possible. A representative with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says that amber alerts become the top priority when a tip comes in and they will investigate any possible lead.

“If the information comes in through, say, our 911 dispatch, if it comes in through the sheriff’s department or a municipality police department, it’s top priority. If the information comes in, we’re going to seek out that information to hopefully recover that child safely,” said Capt. Monty Holloway, with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement officials say they do not take Amber Alerts lightly and neither should the public.