Laundry Service Set Up in Glendale

Laundry Service

GLENDALE, Ore. — Poison oak continues to make battling these wildfires even more miserable for fire crews in Southern Oregon. At the fire camp set up in Glendale, a portable laundry service was brought in so firefighters can wash their clothes.

The laundry service is set up in a semi-trailer on the Glendale High School football field. They’ve only been open for 24 hours and have already washed more than 300 loads of laundry. The service is open 24 hours a day.

Firefighters and other workers bring their dirty laundry and drop it off, and then pick it up the next day. When firefighters come to camp they are told to pack for a two weeks, but it’s getting close to the two week mark.

“I’m down to my last clean pair of socks. I’m down to my last clean t-shirt and my last pair of shorts, so it’s going to be good,” Leslie Blackwell with the Mississippi Forestry Commission said. “Looking forward to getting out of my dirty Nomex so I can get in to some clean Nomex so I can get it dirty again.”

The laundry is washed in a special laundry detergent that takes out grease and removes poison oak oil.