Launch Day For Oregon Health Plan COO

ACROSS OREGON — Big changes took effect with how the Oregon Health Plan is carried out today. The 8 certified coordinated care organizations, or CCO’s, took affect on Wednesday. The CCO’s are spread out through out the state.

Under the Oregon Health Plan, physical, mental and dental health care are all under one roof. For Jackson and Josephine counties, that roof is called Allcare Health, which currently is the only certified CCO serving the region. For all Oregon Health Plan members, nothing changes. They can continue to see their current physician as they wish.

The CCO’s are projected to save the state a lot of money by eliminating administrative costs by having only 1 agency instead of 3. Opening up communication between care providers will save additional money. Officials say this will save the state money by avoiding unnecessary duplicate testing.

One of the goals of Allcare is to get people out of the emergency room who don’t need to be there and instead get them to an appropriate primary care physician. The new system also allow for flexibility for preventative health measures, meaning the CCO’s can focus on one specific issue and offer specific preventative care.

The qualifications for the Oregon Health Plan are not any different because of Wednesday’s changes. However, more people will qualify for the Oregon Health Plan in 2014 when the Affordable Care Act goes into affect.