Last Snow Survey of Season

MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — It’s the first of May, and the last snow survey of the season is completed, confirming what many people thought: this was an extra dry spring.

The snow survey site at the 6,000 foot level of Mt. Ashland recorded about a ten inch snow depth on Tuesday, but snow surveyor USFS Snow Surveyor Steve Johnson was able to drive right to the site.

He says higher elevation sites may be losing their snowpack, but water storage is not bad considering how dry the late season has been.

“So really what you see our here is now half water. Earlier in the season, what you look at is maybe 20 percent density or 25 percent density, which means it’s about one quarter water. So it’s really consolidated over the last month,” explained Johnson.

Johnson has been doing these snow surveys for almost 25 years, but will retire at the end of this month. He says he expects the forest service will continue doing manual surveys every month from December through April.