Last Minute Shoppers Boost Business

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Janet Dessauer was doing some Christmas shopping with less than 24 hours to check off the final items on her list.

“Toys for the grandchildren, basically,” said Dessauer who is from Las Vegas, Nevada and is visiting family in the Rogue Valley.

She and hundreds of other last minute shoppers flooded parking lots in Medford. Last minute shoppers were after more than just gifts and toys. Owner of Artisan Bakery in Medford, Scott Brechtel, says there has been a constant flow of customers looking for things to complete their Christmas dinner.

“We’ve been crazy all morning long. We’ve been filling orders that have been placed for the last week or two now,” said Brechtel.

Brechtel said the last minute rush is no surprise and he and his crews prepared for the Christmas Eve rush a week in advance.

“As we build up to this day, we’re all ready to go we just cut things up get it in the proof box get it in the oven and off we go,” said Brechtel.

Medford resident Ann Christy says she stopped by to pick up some croissants before having guests for dinner on Christmas Eve.

“This morning I got up and got a ham in the oven, I’ve got to finish up my cookies and we’re having people over tonight,” said Christy.

Brechtel says the last minute rush goes beyond the orders that are placed and people usually leave with more than they came in for.

“Coming in, getting their stuff and they see the cases are stuffed full so they end up picking up more items to go,” said Brechtel.

Dessauer said last minute or not she’s just glad to spend time with her family.

“We’re having a lot of fun. Glad to be here with family and we’re having fun,” said Dessauer.