Last Minute Rush For Thanksgiving Dinner

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MEDFORD, Ore. – If you’re hosting a dinner in your home, creating the perfect ‘Norman Rockwell’ type Thanksgiving comes with many ingredients, which likely why many people had to make a last-minute trip to get the last few items for dinner.

For Caleb and his grandpa, their Thanksgiving morning trip to the grocery store was about giving them something to do in the kitchen.

“What we’ve got is stuff to make Hors d’oeuvre with,” shopper Richard Burr explained. “Caleb and I have a project to make Hors d’oeuvre with oysters and cream cheese.”

Cooks of all ages spent the early morning navigating the aisles of Sherm’s Food For Less. The store manager says the last minute trips to the grocery store aren’t procrastinators, but rather shoppers who forgot an item or two.

“Usually it’s cool whip, potatoes, gravy mix, rolls maybe a pie, usually just some part of the meal that somebody forgot to pick up,” said Sherm’s Food 4 Less Manager Terry Allphin.

Sherm’s says it is actually a slow day for them, with only a quarter of the staff working. But just down the road, at Marie Callender’s it’s a different story with the entire staff taking care of diners and last minute shoppers. On Thanksgiving Day, they say they make that 50 times their average amount of pies. Each of these pies will end up on a dinner table whether at the restaurant alongside other turkey dinner favorites or at the customer’s home.

“There is definitely time for family even though it may be a little bit last minute there is always time for my family,” said Marie Calendars customer, Breanne Vinchattle

The food, late or not, is bringing people back to what Thanksgiving is all about: giving you time with the people you’re thankful for.