Landslide Closes Road Near Swisshome

5-11-landslideNEAR SWISSHOME, Ore. — Debris from a landslide shut down a section of Stagecoach Road northeast of Mapleton this weekend.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday a person living near Stagecoach Road reported a section of the road covered with debris after a landslide. Sunday afternoon a resident spent a few hours clearing the debris from the road so people can get through.

He said the road gets about 2-3 landslides a year, and this one was much smaller than others in the past. Regardless of the size of the slide, rocks, tree limbs, and branches covered the road making it completely impassable.

This narrow dirt road connects Highway 126 and Highway 36. One resident said those living nearby prefer driving on Stagecoach Road because it’s a much more direct route into town.

Sunday afternoon about half the road was cleared. However, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office said the road won’t be open for drivers until Monday. Officials said no power outages were caused by the slide.