Lake Patrols Ready For Labor Day

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TRAIL, Ore. — The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is saturating lakes with patrol boats for the Labor Day weekend.

For the most part, they are doing random routine inspections.  They are making sure boaters are up to date on their registration, and have required safety necessities on board in case of an accident.

“Usually by this time of the year, most people have a good understanding of the boating laws,” said Deputy Philip Cicero, Marine Division of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.  “We’ve had contact with a lot of them during the summer.  So if they have forgotten over the previous year… hopefully they are schooled up and we aren’t seeing a continuation of those violations.”

They are also pulling boaters over for other reasons.

“The safety issues — kids who are not wearing their life jackets, people who are drinking too much, and just courtesy on the water — making sure you are aware of the other boaters and not getting too close and not clogging up the boat ramps — again just courtesy,” said Cicero.

Deputy Cicero said he has only written a few tickets since Labor Day weekend began.

So far this year there have been no drownings in Jackson County.