Lack of Snow Impacts Resort

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NEAR PROSPECT, Ore. — The area near the Rogue River Gorge is covered in green this weekend. During a normal winter, it’s covered in white. The lack of snow is tough for businesses at the Union Creek Resort.

“This time of year we do rely on that traffic coming up to play in the snow and do things in the snow that,” said co-owner Kent Watson.

This year the region didn’t get its normal snow storms and the sled hill is dry. In fact, snow is at record low levels for the winter in the area. So this season, not many people made the trip to Prospect.

“For the winter right now, I’d say our lodging is down 10 percent. Beckie’s restaurant, on the other hand, due to the lack of snow on the sled hill, has dropped 30-40 percent.

But the lack of snow isn’t all bad for the businesses. The sunshine and warm weather is allowing some to start spring activities early.

“It’s presented an unusual opportunity for people who love to hike to come up. We’ve had some beautiful temperatures … also the rivers and creeks are up so it gives an opportunity to see a different side of the some of the rivers and creeks in the area and some of the waterfalls.”

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  1. John Salva says:

    It looks like it would be good time to hose moss, tree droppings off the cabin roofs.

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