Lack of Snow Changing Outdoor Gear Sales

2-16 storesMEDFORD, Ore. – Sporting goods stores say the lack of snow is changing their business.

Northwest Outdoors Store says snow shoes are usually a big part of their revenues during the winter. Usually they sell dozens in a season and rent out many more each weekend.

This year they’ve only sold roughly a half-dozen.

But they say the hardcore skiers are still buying gear and going to Bachelor and other mountains. Meanwhile others are finding different ways of getting outside.

“I think people are starting to switch gears now. So now instead of thinking about snow shoeing or skiing it’s like, ‘okay, what else can we do to have fun?’ So kayaks have been picking up in the middle of the winter,” said store manager Darryl Rasmussen.

Rasmussen says January was the best month in their entire four-year history for kayak sales. They say it was so good that it mostly cancels out the loss in business from snow gear.