Labor Day at the Lake

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EMIGRANT LAKE, Ore. — One of the most popular spots to vacation over Labor Day weekend is the lake. Camping, grilling, boating – all iconic symbols of what has become known as the last weekend of the summer.

Most of the camping lots are filled up at Emigrant Lake with campers celebrating the Labor Day holiday in their home away from home.

“End of the summer, just celebrating the end of the summer. It felt like a short summer anyways so we are just out here enjoying the last remaining warm days that we have,” said Ralph Fegaly.

The Fagley’s came from Reno, and got to the camp ground a week ago — ahead of the crowd.

“We came without a reservation and we got lucky we had to shuffle around a couple of the spots they are full, and I mean this is a reservable space. We got lucky let’s put it that way. If you plan on coming, make sure you make a reservation in advance,” said Fegaly.

Now there are only a few spaces left as Labor Day weekend kicks off. Out at the marina at Lost Creek Lake, all the boats and water equipment are rented out for the day.

“This is our busiest weekend, this is where we pull out a lot of the stops. When we have the most rentals, most of the people come out and enjoy the day,” explained Jared Broadwater, the General Manager at Lost Creek Lake Marina.

Bill Bunch and his family reserved their boat and jet ski more than 2 months ago.

“It’s gorgeous, beautiful scenery beautiful setting the water is just wonderful,” said Bunch.

In preparation for the holiday, the marina made changes to accommodate its surplus of guests.

“We have extra staff come on for the day and we have more rentals than ever. So we have more people we pullout of the cafe and bring them down here to the docks, make sure all of our boat rentals come out and go out,” said Bunch.

There are still some boats rentals available for Sunday and Monday, but Broadwater says they are going fast. If you are planning on going out on the lake this weekend, officials say to make sure you have food and water readily available and wear sunscreen.