La Clinica Mobile Healthcare Expands

la clinicaMEDFORD, Ore. — La Clinica is expanding its mobile healthcare unit to both North and South Medford High Schools.

The goal is to make health care more accessible and affordable for students who otherwise rarely see a doctor or have a medical exam. The mobile unit already makes weekly rounds to two other Medford elementary schools and Phoenix High School.

According to the Medford School District, about half of its high school students are in poverty and one out of six are homeless. With services like the mobile care center, students can get care right at school.

“So, if they have something going on during the day they can just go to the office and say, ‘Hey I need to be seen,’ and they will just go out to the mobile center and be seen and get their care there. So, that allows them to maybe miss a little of a class and allows them to get right back in school,” explained La Clinica Communication Director Julie Wurth.

The mobile care unit accepts most types of insurance including the Oregon Health Plan. Other than that, the cost depends on the family’s income.