Kyron Horman Now Missing for Three Years

Kyron HormanMEDFORD, Ore. — It’s been three years to the day since the disappearance of Kyron Horman. Since Kyron Horman went missing, thousands of tips across the country and the world poured in to police.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are continuing the investigation and Kyron’s biological mother is still holding onto the hope that her son will come home.

Desiree Young says she spent the three year anniversary of her son’s disappearance with her parents in Medford; they shared their memories of him together.

Desiree said every day is a struggle for her, but it’s especially difficult from spring break through June, because spring break and the holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day, was her and Kyron’s time together.

Since Kyron became a missing person, Desiree says multiple law enforcement agencies in the Portland area, including the FBI, have worked on the case. She says they’re being tight-lipped about any leads.

Desiree says she believes in her gut there will be some sort of break in the case soon.

“I’m optimistic that, I feel in my gut that something is coming, and I feel like this is the calm before the storm. I’m hoping we’re going to go forward here really soon,” Desiree said.

Since Kyron disappeared, Desiree has been involved in several organizations for child abuse and missing children. As she works with these organizations and other parents, Desiree says it gives her some solace to know, she’s not the only one going through this alone.


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  1. Jennifer Knisley says:

    My heart aches and tears flow daily for you Desiree. As one mother to another ~ just to let you know that STILL every Sunday, my youngest (1 yr older than Kyron) puts his name in our prayer book. Pastor Brandt reads all request and routinely, looks over at Trevor with saddened eyes, says his prayer request that he be home in your arms soon. We will NEVER stop prayer, hope, faith and love for your son! One day soon the truth will come to surface and those evil dooers will have to face the ultimate judgement. Hugs and love sent your way.

  2. Ronelle Pratt says:

    There are so many of us who you have never met that pray for Kyron’s well being and for strength and courage for you as you await with hope for his safe return. Our hearts are with you and your family as you feel the void every day and every night. Hopefully just knowing others care will bring you added strength as you keep up the constant vigil, praying that Kyron is safe and being well cared for as he awaits his return to his family. May God bless you with the joy and happiness of a reunion very soon!

  3. Sharon olsen says:

    I have never been hit so hard or felt so much grief ,not even when my husband’s death,than I did and do when Kyron disappeared 3 years ago.I don’t know how you falll in love with someone you have never met but it is possible because I did.Little Kyron has captured the hearts of so many and many of us have grown to care for his family members very deeply as well.I sincerely it doesn’t take another 3 years but f it does I’ll still be in his corner,I will be there for life.I love you Ky and I pray everyday to the Goddess to bring you home so much sooner than later.Also I would like to thank all of Kyron’s Warriors and World Soldiers who help with the grief process everyday. xoxox Sharon from Nanaimo BC

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