Klamath Veterans Memorial Discussed

WWII MemorialKLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — A plan to build a World War II veterans memorial near the state capitol in Salem is getting a cold shoulder from the county with the second largest per capita population of veterans.

On Wednesday, Klamath County Commissioners informally decided to make a token donation of $500 to the proposed state memorial.

They also proposed contributing $500 to the local Veterans Park Development Project. One commissioner is not in favor of sending any money to Salem.

“I believe that if there’s something built on the state capitol grounds up there in the same block or piece of property, that the state ought to come up with the money,” said Klamath County Commissioner Jim Bellet.

“We need to donate something to that cause. We don’t want to be left out statewide,” said Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams.

At the memorial pillar in front of the courthouse, a new plaque has been installed for dedication on Veterans Day next month. It adds more names of Klamath County veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq and Afghanistan.