Klamath Shooting Suspects in Court


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KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – The suspects accused of shooting and trying to kill a Klamath County Sheriff’s Deputy are making their first court appearances. William Parkerson and Kasey Pascoe appeared for arraignment Friday afternoon, the first brief glimpse of the suspects since the shooting on Wednesday.

The two are charged with Aggravated Attempted Murder with a Firearm and Assault in the First Degree, among other things. Those charges stem from the shooting of sheriff’s deputy Jason Weber during what was intended to be a routine traffic stop.

Today’s appearance was just a criminal information arraignment. The grand jury has not finalized the charges against the two, although district attorney Rob Patridge says they aren’t likely to change.

Meanwhile the investigation will continue, its importance enhanced by the fact that the crime was against a deputy, and the fact that it comes on the heels of another officer involved shooting in Medford.

“It was a law enforcement officer doing his law enforcement duties,” said Patridge. “It’s a very scary thing that’s happened, there’s been too much violence against law enforcement here in Southern Oregon in the past week.”

Patridge says all evidence has been collected from the scene where the suspects were caught. He also confirms there is an additional parole violation charge against Parkerson that will be dovetailed into the main case.

Meanwhile the third person of interest, Christopher Holmgren, has been released from jail and does not face charges. Patridge declined to comment on his involvement in the case.

Parkerson and Pascoe will both reappear in court for their preliminary hearing on September 8th, their bail is set at $10 million.

Meanwhile Deputy Jason Weber remains in the hospital. Officials confirm his surgery was delayed from Thursday to Friday, although declined to comment on why. Investigators have spoken to Weber, but have not yet conducted an official interview into what happened.