Klamath Falls Police Officer Justified

Police InvestigationKLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — A grand jury says a Klamath Falls police detective was justified in using deadly force against Matthew David Borner last week.

The shooting happened August 20. Police say Borner ran from a building and did not stop when police told him to. They say he took something black out of his pocket that officers believed was a gun.

Four rounds were fired and two of the shots hit Borner in the chest area. Borner died at the scene. The investigation revealed that Borner did not have a firearm in his pocket, but the grand jury has cleared the officer who fired the shots.

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  1. Mike N says:

    Why won’t you poste the entire press release. The one that mentioned Borner stating he was going to shoot the Detective x2, while walking towards him and drawing a black object from his pocket. The same release that discloses Borner is a known drug dealing, dangerous felon, who knew he was going to federal prison for a long time and told family members he was considering the cowardly act of suicide by cop. The same release that mentions his 8 current other pending criminal cases. Slanted much?

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