Klamath County Discusses Dispensaries

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KLAMATH COUNTY, Ore.– Klamath County is looking to regulate marijuana dispensaries with similar ordinances the city is proposing.  The ordinance was approved by the city council Monday night, three to two.

It includes prohibiting a marijuana dispensary within 400 feet of any residential zone, or 1000 feet from a public park, recreation center, child care facility or any place where underage children are allowed. Pot would also not be allowed to be delivered or smoked in public places, including dispensaries.

City council members and local residents weighed in Monday morning about the idea. Resident Carol Eberlein said she does not think allowing dispensaries will be a way to uplift the community and make it a better place to live. Other residents like Ed Medina said it could, “reduce the amount of illegal marijuana that’s on the streets.

Board Chairman Jim Bellet says commissioners are torn on the idea as well. He also says more discussion will happen before the board takes an official action on the ordinance. If more problems arise, the city council may have to take another vote.