Kids Unlimited Expands Classes This Year

rsc hot note mondayMEDFORD, Ore. — Final coats of paint were added to classrooms which will welcome 250 students for the first day of school Tuesday morning.

“We’ll be the first public school in the Medford School District to offer a full-day kindergarten program,” said Kids Unlimited founder Tom Cole.

Kindergarten, 4th grade and a new program called Nurturing Unlimited have been added. The new resource is a partnership between OnTrac and the Family Nurturing Center, helping families in need.

“If we target those families who are struggling and we leverage those resources from the early learning community and the expertise families who are working with groups who might be struggling with addiction issues, that we could be a lot more strategic,” said Tom Cole.

A new playground has been added a new garden will have students growing food they will be eating during the three meals and snack throughout the day. A new food program has been put in place and Cole said all meals will be prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients. A new principal has been brought in, and knows the school can build on early success.

“I think that we can achieve even greater than what was achieved last year because we’ve built a lot of system that weren’t very systematized last year because it was all new,” said Kids Unlimited Academy Principal Lynn Eccleston

Cole said waiting list at all grade levels indicate need to expand is there and he’s keeping his options open.

“We’re excited about moving it to the next steps because we truly believe that what we’re doing is going to make a difference and it will show in the scores which is certainly one of the barometers to measure student’s learning,” said Cole.