Kids Unlimited Celebrates Anniversary

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford organization is celebrating its 15 year anniversary and some community members say they don’t know what they would have done without them.

Friday night, community members will come together and reflect on the accomplishments of Kids Unlimited over the past 15 years. Executive Director of Kids Unlimited, Tom Cole, says these accomplishments are part of a shared community vision.

In 1998, Cole says there weren’t many positive places for children to go after school. 15 years later, Kids Unlimited helps more than a thousand students every week. The program has progressed from having one after school program with about 50 members to being in 7 schools in Medford and White City.

“We’ve watched kids who presently are involved with some really successful things, 15 years ago would have not been. That’s really rewarding to us because it shows how progressive this community,” said Executive Director Tom Cole.

Cole went on to say the Kids Unlimited is a result of what can happen when several community entities work together towards a common goal. Cole says they are working hard to develop a charter school and an early childhood center.