Kids Mourn Loss of Pet to Bunny Bandit

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ROGUE RIVER, Ore., — The students at Great Beginnings Childcare & Preschool in Rogue River didn’t have a great beginning on Wednesday. The children discovered their class bunny, Amos, disappeared overnight. The evidence was clear to Police Chief Ken Lewis; someone had stolen the preschool’s mascot.¬† Rhonda Schock, who runs Great Beginnings, says the thief probably took the bunny as a pet, citing the missing water dispenser and food dish to back up her wishful thinking.

Although this is the first case of rabbit-napping for the Rogue River Police Department, Chief Lewis says felony charges could apply¬† if the thief harmed or killed the bunny. While it’s a first for the police, it’s not a first for New Beginnings. Three months ago the school’s pet rabbit Stew disappeared under the same circumstances.

Schock says her students are heartbroken and are learning a tough life lesson. She added that an empty cage sits near the entrance in hopes of the bunny, or bunnies, return – no questions asked.

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  1. Mishelle says:

    If this school knew anything about rabbits, they’d know what they’re doing wasn’t right. A small cage outside is no life for a rabbit. They are social! They also need to be inside. They can die from heatstroke if left outside in southern Oregon temps. They overheat easily.

    Please do your research and learn how to care for bunnies before adopting. The House Rabbit Society is a good resource.

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