Kids Learning CPR

cprWHITE CITY, Ore. — Fire District 3 is teaming up with local middle schools to teach CPR.

On Wednesday, the White Mountain Middle School in White City became the third to get the “CPR Anytime” training. The training is based on new findings from the American Heart Association suggesting that seventh graders are at the perfect age to learn the technique.

Firefighters say kids of that age have the enthusiasm and maturity to put those skills to the test if necessary.

“Kids like to have fun, they like to goof off and smile and laugh, but they understand the seriousness of the issue and they do a great job of learning it, and then going home and teaching it to their family members,” said Mark Northrup, with Fire District 3.

Each student in the class is assigned homework to go and teach their new-found CPR skills to five friends or family members. Fire District 3 will be visiting as many schools as they can to teach kids the lifesaving technique.